CWFV 2018 Videos

Check out videos from our 2018 walk, including our live podcast as well as city specific videos!

The CWFV 2018 Podcast

The CWFV 2018 Victoria, BC Walk

The CWFV 2018 Port Coquitlem, BC Walk

The CWFV 2018 Edmonton, AB Walk

The CWFV 2018 Ottawa, ON Walk

The CWFV 2018 Kingston, ON Walk

The CWFV 2018 St. Johns, NF Walk

The CWFV 2018 Fredricton, NB Walk

Coverage of the Vancouver walk

Additional coverage of the First Annual Canadian Walk for Veterans

2018 CWFV CBC Edmonton


2018 CWFV CHEK Victoria



2018 CWFV City tv Edmonton



2018  CWFV CTV National News



2018  CWFV CTV Victoria


2018 CWFV CBC Edmonton



2018 CWFV Ming Pao Canada



Canadians Walking

Shoulder to Shoulder

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