Canadians Walking

Shoulder to Shoulder

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© 2019 Canadian Walk for Veterans

Canadian Walk for Veterans 2019


Canadians Walking Shoulder to Shoulder


Thank you to all those who participate in the 2nd Annual CWFV!

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Where are the proceeds going?


The Canadian Walk for Veterans is working in cooperation with Military Minds Inc. to identify, vet and donate net proceeds from the Canadian Walk For Veterans to programs/groups that are working for our fellow veteran/first responders. These retreats/camps are available to all serving members, veterans and first responders. Monies raised from the Canadian Walk for Veterans will be going directly to

Rally Point Retreat (Nova Scotia)

Sheepdog Lodge (Alberta)

Camp My Way (British Columbia)

Honour House (Vancouver, BC)

How are we helping Veterans?


Canadians Walking Shoulder to Shoulder​

Whether you are a Veteran, current serving Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member, or a civilian who supports our Veterans and current serving, we can all empathize with the challenges our CAF members and Veterans face during their transition from service to civilian-life and beyond. 


The Canadian Walk for Veterans (CWFV) will continue to be a nation-wide event with the aim to bring together folks from across Canada, to reconnect, to engage, to inspire, to acknowledge and to thank our Veteran community for their vast contributions to the Canada. Further, the CWFV aims to educate local communities on the challenges that are faced by the Veteran community during transition to civilian life and beyond.


You are among family here.

A nation-wide event in support of Veterans and the challenges they face after service.
19 October 2019
Time will vary by city

CWFV 2019

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CWFV 2019

Canadians  walking shoulder to shoulder

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